Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Quicksand Mat?

    The Quicksand Mat is a dual layer sand abatement mat sand fall through the mat but won't come back up.
  • What is the Quicksand Mat warranty?

    The Quicksand Mat warranty is 12 Months from date of purchase and original receipt is required, and should be returned to the point of purchase. This is a manufactures warranty i.e. faulty sewing and or material.
  • What Is Quicksand Mat made from?

    High density polyethylene knitted mono/mono and fully bound all the way around.
  • Does it matter what side of mat is up?

    Yes, the side with the Quicksand Mat badge is the side to sit on. The under layer is of a harsher mesh and is less comfortable to sit on.
  • I have dog/dogs will their nails harm the mat?

    No, the Quicksand Mat is very robust.
  • What if I rip or tear my mat will that weaken it?

    No, the Quicksand Mat is rip stop, it won’t run or frey.
  • What if I accidently pour petrol or oil on the mat?

    That’s ok, the Quicksand Mat is petro chemical friendly and won’t harm the Quicksand Mat.
  • What if a spark or ash from a cigarette lands on the mat?

    You will get a burn hole in either one or both the layers of your Quicksand Mat.
  • Will the mat kill the grass?

    No, the Quicksand Mat allows air to pass through so won’t kill the grass.
  • What if I pack the mat up when it’s wet?

    The Quicksand Mat is porous and doesn’t absorb moisture and won’t mould or mildew like other products?For storing, simply give the mat a shake to get excess moisture.
  • Why doesn’t the sand rise to the top of the mat?

    This is due to the dual layers and the law of gravity. The sand and dirt won’t rise to the top of the Quicksand Mat because the multiple layers create too much resistance, unlike single layer mats.
  • Can you wash the Mat?

    Yes, you can hose it down, jet wash it and even use detergent.
  • What can I use the mat to wash my Quicksand Mat with?

    Yes, you can use a hose and a mild detergent. For the more stubborn stains, we recommend you use a high pressure wash, it won’t harm the Quicksand Mat.
  • Does the sand and dust get caught between the layers?

    No, if the dust, dirt or sand particles fall through the top layer of the Quicksand Mat they will fall through the second layer onto the ground.
  • What not to drop on the Quicksand Mat?

    Do not drop any liquid that contains acetone (e.g. Nail polish) as it will place a hole in the material, but won’t fray as it has rip stop technology.